Operation Transfomation - Get Ireland Walking   09/01/2020

Operation Transfomation Ireland Lights Up @NCWGAA

Do you want to get moving and active this New Year, but you have nowhere to go?  Do you find it hard to find a safe and well-lit area to go walking during the dark winter months?  Well, Newcastle West GAA Club in conjunction with the Arra Walkers have the answer!  We’re getting on board with Operation Transfomation and the GAA for Ireland Lights Up to help get Newcastle West walking!

Every Thursday from the 9th January – 27th February 2020 at 7.15pm our club and the Arra Walkers will be organising a walk (approx. 5km) for you, your family and friends - starting and finishing at the Newcastle West GAA Grounds.  Come on and join us for Ireland Lights Up 2020!'

Walk Route

  • Approx. Walk Distance 6 km
  • Approx. Time to Complete 1 Hour


  • Start at Newcastle West GAA Grounds -
  • Exit The Demesne and turn left towards Churchtown.
  • Continue up to the top of Churchtown and cross the road to the top of Station Road.
  • Walk from the top of Station Road and travel down to the Desmond College.
  • At the Desmond College keep following the road to the left and continue until you reach the Limerick Road (N21).
  • Turn right at the Limerick Road and follow the N21 all the way back into town as far as the church.
  • At the church, cross at the foot bridge (iron bridge)* and continue up to lower Maiden Street where you will turn right and continue walking towards Sheehans Road (Lidl).  * For those travelling with a pram/ pushchair please be aware you may need to go to thebridge at Bridge Street and walk around North Quay to lower Maiden Street.
  • Turn left at the bottom of Sheehans Road and keep walking up the hill to Gortboy.
  • Turn left on Gortboy and walk back to The Square.
  • From the Square continue and return to the Newcastle West GAA Grounds.
  • Congrats you’ve completed your walk!!


Tips & Advice for Happy Walkers!

We’ve had such a great response (well done you!) to the Ireland Lights up campaign that we just want to provide you with some additional advice prior to your walk.  Upon arrival at the GAA Club can you please sign the registration form?  This is to allow us and Ireland Lights Up to record the number of participants each night.

What Do I Wear?

  • If at all possible please wear high visibility clothing, jacket or armband, particularly as we’ll be walking around the local footpaths/ roads, these will allow you will be more easily seen.
  • In relation to footwear; regular runners or walking shoes are fine – just make sure they are comfortable.
  • Your clothing should be comfortable too – jacket to protect you from any rain and keep out the wind so you stay warmer. Having a warm hat, gloves and a scarf when it’s cold will also help make your walk more comfortable.

Making The Experience Fun & Keeping Motivated

  • Starting to walk at a slow pace and gradually increasing it will help you gain confidence.
  • Why not track your walk and keep a record of how much you have done – you can time your walk or there are also apps available to help you to do this. For each week you can try to outdo your previous best.
  • Your walk is not supposed to be feel like a chore but is to be an enjoyable experience and help you to feel good, the fact that you’re prepared to take that first step on a winters evening deserves huge credit already.
  • If you are walking with other people you can chat and catch up on their latest news you could even make new friends during the walk! If you have an arrangement to walk regularly with somebody else or in a group, it’s easier to keep going.

Positives from Walking

  • Walking is a brilliant way to get active no matter your age, shape or fitness levels. People are embracing walking as a way to get active and shed the weight.
  • You can set your own pace for the walk and over time you can gradually increase this.
  • By joining Newcastle West GAA and the Arra Walkers for  you are becoming part of a walking group, where participants can support each other to get walking and to keep walking.  

We hope to see a huge number of people join us walking in Newcastle West walking over January and February 2020. 

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