County Fixtures 2020

County Fixtures 2020


Sunday, March 15

Coiste Ceannais na gComortaisí Luimní have made the decision to postponed all club championship games fixed for this April. It is proposed that we will engage with the Provincial Council and National CCC with a view to restructure our Games Programme. This may include the redesign of the current formats. If so, we will engage with the clubs prior to any decision being made. In summary, the club championships in Senior, Premier Intermediate, Intermediate, all U21 and Minor Hurling and Senior, Intermediate and Minor Football will not proceed in the month of April. County Leagues will resume when sanction is approved by the Statutory Bodies. We ask clubs please, please adhere to all guidelines outlined by the Government and the HSE.

SeniorIntermediateJunior AU21Minor

County Senior Football League Division 1

Sat 29/02/202015:00Newcastle WestGalballyNewcastle WestRound 1Postponed
Sat 07/03/202017:00Dromcollogher BroadfordNewcastle WestMick Neville ParkRound 21-10 to 1-8 (Loss)
Sat 14/03/202015:00Newcastle WestMonaleenNewcastle WestRound 3Postponed
Sat 23/05/202019:30Fr CaseysNewcastle WestAbbeyfealeRound 4
Tue 09/06/202019:30St Kieran'sNewcastle WestCoolcappaghRound 5
Sat 20/06/202019:30Newcastle WestBallysteenNewcastle WestRound 6
Sun 05/07/202019:30Na PiarsaighNewcastle WestCaherdavinRound 7

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Irish Wire Products Ltd County Senior Football Championship

02-04-2020 (Thu) - 05-04-2020 (Sun)TBCDromcollogher BroadfordNewcastle WestTBCRound 1Postponed
23-04-2020 (Thu) - 26-04-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestFr CaseysTBCRound 2Postponed
30-07-2020 (Thu) - 02-08-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestMonaleenTBCRound 3
06-08-2020 (Thu) - 09-08-2020 (Sun)TBCBallysteenNewcastle WestTBCRound 4
10-09-2020 (Thu) - 13-09-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestGaltee GaelsTBCRound 5

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County Intermediate Hurling League

Sun 03/05/202019:00Hospital HerbertstownNewcastle WestSt Johns ParkRound 1
Fri 08/05/202019:15Newcastle WestBYEBYERound 2
Sat 16/05/202019:30Newcastle WestBruffNewcastle WestRound 3
Fri 29/05/202019:30CroomNewcastle WestCroomRound 4
Fri 05/06/202019:30Newcastle WestGlenroeNewcastle WestRound 5

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Nick Grene Sportsground County Intermediate Hurling Championship

09-04-2020 (Thu) - 12-04-2020 (Sun)TBCKilmallockNewcastle WestTBCRound 1Postponed
16-04-2020 (Thu) - 19-04-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestTournafullaTBCRound 2Postponed
13-08-2020 (Thu) - 16-08-2020 (Sun)TBCNa PiarsaighNewcastle WestTBCRound 3
20-08-2020 (Thu) - 23-08-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestHospital HerbertstownTBCRound 4
03-09-2020 (Thu) - 06-09-2020 (Sun)TBCCroomNewcastle WestTBCRound 5

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County Junior A Football Championship

27-06-2020 (Sat) - 28-06-2020 (Sun)TBCNewcastle WestHospital HerbertstownTBCRound 1
25-07-2020 (Sat) - 26-07-2020 (Sun)TBCBrureeNewcastle WestTBCRound 2
01-08-2020 (Sat) - 02-08-2020 (Sun)TBCAtheaNewcastle WestTBCRound 3

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Bloomers Catering County Premier U21 Football Championship

Fri 16/10/202020:00Newcastle WestSt Kieran'sTBCRound 1
Fri 23/10/202020:00AdareNewcastle WestTBCRound 2
Fri 30/10/202020:00Newcastle WestMungret St Paul'sTBCRound 3
Fri 06/11/202020:00GalballyNewcastle WestTBCRound 4
Fri 13/11/202020:00Newcastle WestBYETBCRound 5

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County U21 A Hurling Championship

Sun 02/02/202012:00Killacolla GaelsNewcastle WestBallyagranRound 10-17 to 1-11 (Loss)
Sun 01/03/202012:00Newcastle WestBYENewcastle WestRound 2BYE
Sun 08/03/202013:00Newcastle WestBruffNewcastle WestRound 32-12 to 2-18 (Loss)
Sun 15/03/202012:00Croagh Kilfinny RathkealeNewcastle WestCroaghRound 4Postponed
Tue 17/03/202012:00Newcastle WestCappamoreNewcastle WestRound 5Postponed

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County Premier Minor Football Championship

Fri 01/05/202019:15Newcastle WestFr CaseysNewcastle WestRound 1
Fri 03/07/202019:30GalballyNewcastle WestGalballyRound 2
Fri 17/07/202019:30MonaleenNewcastle WestMonaleenRound 3
Fri 31/07/202019:30Newcastle WestMungret St Paul'sNewcastle WestRound 4
Fri 14/08/202019:00Newcastle WestSt Patrick'sNewcastle WestRound 5

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County Premier Minor Hurling Championship

Fri 17/04/202018:45Newcastle WestMungret St Paul'sNewcastle WestRound 1Postponed
Fri 24/04/202018:45DoonNewcastle WestDoonRound 2Postponed
Fri 26/06/202019:30BallybrownNewcastle WestBallybrownRound 3
Fri 10/07/202019:30Newcastle WestPatrickswellNewcastle WestRound 4
Fri 24/07/202019:30MonaleenNewcastle WestMonaleenRound 5
Fri 07/08/202019:00Newcastle WestAdareNewcastle WestRound 6
Fri 21/08/202019:00Na PiarsaighNewcastle WestCaherdavinRound 7

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